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Quality Control


TASCO has a strict first piece inspection policy, where every process/procedure must be inspected to the customers drawing and signed off on by our Quality Assurance team.  Once the setup/process is approved, the operator is free to complete the balance of the order, while spot checking parts to ensure consistency.  Our QA team is equipped with fully calibrated and traceable measuring instruments including: Dial/Vernier Calipers from 6” up to 60", 28” Trimos V3 height gauge, micrometers, granite plates, gage pins, thread gages and various other measuring instruments.


Once a job is complete, it must be inspected by our QA team before being moved to shipping.  This Final Inspection procedure confirms all processes on the job traveler were inspected and signed off on, all parts meet the requirements of the drawing based on a sampling plan, and there are no visual quality issues with the job.  Once completed, our QA team stamps the job traveler to signal that the job has gone through final inspection, and is ready to be packed and shipped.


First Article reports (AS9102) are a common request among customers who are looking to prove out a design or as a protocol for all new parts or new vendors.  To complete an FAI report, the TASCO QA Team measures and records all data of the manufactured part to all drawing requirements. The FAI report also includes full documentation and certifications for all materials and special processes (ex: Plating, Hardware, Primers, Paints, etc.) This report confirms that the part was manufactured in conformance with the customers drawing, and meets all of the specifications required.


TASCO has an extensive paint coupon program to ensure that our painting process is done correctly, with full traceability to each individual job.  When paint is received from our Qualified Vendors, we immediately spray a coupon to confirm that the paint meets the color, gloss, and thickness requirements of the MIL Spec.  Once confirmed, coupons are filed and results are logged for reference purposes.  Once the paint is applied to a job, the process sheet is marked up with the primer and paint batch numbers to allow us to provide proper certifications, and target any issues we find after the paint process is complete.

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