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CNC Punching

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) punching is a very reliable means of literally ‘punching’ shapes in sheet metal using a programmable machine. The program creates a precise range of co-ordinates to punch the required shape. This delivers accuracy and cost-efficiency for both small batch work and long production runs.



(2) LVD Strippit ST-1212

Dedicated to both short and long production runs

(1) LVD Strippit FC1000I

Used for prototypes, short leads, legacy parts, and small quantities


  • Punching capability up to .25"

  • Accurate within +/- .004"

  • Handles workpieces up to 49.2" x 49.x2"

  • 360 HPM on 1" Centers

  • Quick Change Die Holders

  • Wheel, tapping, and full form capabilities

  • Smart Clamp ensures the smallest possible no punch zone

  • Fanuc CNC Control

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